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Handling of personal information
Handling of personal information

We protect personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
The information that you fill in will be properly handled in accordance with our privacy policy, and we will only use to provide services, send information, etc. within the scope prescribed therein.
In order that customers will not be concerned about providing information to us, we would like to confirm with customers (the persons themselves) who will provide information matters regarding the purposes for collecting information, the managers, whether or not information has been provided, and the voluntariness, rights, etc. pertaining to the provision of information, and to obtain their agreement to the below.

Trade name
Fujisoft Incorporated

Person charge of the protection of personal information
Manager, IT Management Department
1-1 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-8008, Japan

Purposes of use
1. Information about products and services that we handle
2. Announcements about various events, including seminars, that we hold (sponsor, cosponsor, support)
3. Providing information based on customers' work, hobbies and interests
4. Survey requests, including customer satisfaction surveys
5. Responding to inquiries or requests, etc.

Possibility of provision to third parties

In the case of events and seminars that we jointly hold with companies/groups, we may disclose or provide personal information to or share it with such companies/groups.

a. Provision and purposes of use with regard to personal information
To announce services, etc. of the companies/groups and provide information from such companies and groups

b. Items of personal data that are provided to third parties
Customers' names, furigana, companies/group names, department names, titles, postal codes, addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, mail addresses

c. Methods for or means of provision to third parties
Sending documents or electrical methods

d. Information receiver and manager
Companies/groups that hold events and seminars jointly with us

e. Contracts pertaining to personal information handling
We and such companies/groups sign a memorandum regarding personal information handling.

Possibility of commissioning

Disclosure, etc. of disclosed personal information and contact information for inquiries
We will respond accordingly to requests from the persons in question regarding notification of purposes of use, disclosure, revision, addition or deletion, cessation of use, elimination, and cessation of provision to third parties with regard to disclosed personal information that we possess.
For requests regarding disclosure, etc., please contact the below.

Fujisoft Incorporated
Product & Service Business Div.  Robot Business Dept.

"Voluntariness of providing information, and the results for the persons in question if information is not provided

Providing information is voluntary, but if information is not provided, then depending on the items of information, applications to seminars may not be accepted."

Acquisition using methods that the persons in question cannot easily recognize

Activities regarding the protection of personal information
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