Why is the number of welfare facilities for the elderly and hospitals that are introducing communication robots increasing now?

Six stories about why PALRO is chosen

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Why are robots attracting attention at welfare facilities for the elderly and at hospitals?

The number of cases of so-called "welfare facilities for the elderly," such as nursing homes and day service facilities, that have introduced care robots is increasing. In the background to this, there are problems of a rapidly advancing aging society, the lack of care workers and the increase in the workload of care workers that is accompanying it, etc. As one of the ways for care operators to solve these problems, installing type robots that physically assist facility staff and caregivers, robots that provide equipment to support going to the toilet and meals and services focusing on exercise for physiotherapy, and care robots that can understand human speech well and can converse and communicate while actively talking to people are being introduced. From the viewpoint of the prevention of memory loss and senility, the maintenance and improvement of motor functions, the prevention of dementia, and therapy effects, the introduction of these products is attracting attention not only from care operators, but also from a variety of corporations and individuals. From the facilities that have already introduced them are to be heard voices of high praise, with remarks such as that the atmosphere during recreations for the elderly has become brighter, the burden on nursing staff has decreased, and so on. Here, we introduce the appeal of humanoid care robots, which are gaining recognition as a partner from all staff members in the fields of preventive care and elderly welfare.

For the elderly people

The robots entertain and cheer up elderly people through physical exercise
and fun recreations
for preventive care.

The exercises that PALRO performs help the health of all the elderly people. Also, the atmosphere during recreations for the elderly will become brighter. Not only that, but a competent communication robot will gently soothe users' spirits with its wonderful answers, and bring surprise, laughter, and healing by demonstrating responsiveness and movement that exceed expectations. An advanced humanoid robot that has AI installed like PALRO is the representative of all that. As care robots with similar roles, there are also robots such as robot dogs or pet-type robots with a stuffed-animal appearance that give healing through their appearance or the way they feel, even though they may have low communication ability.

For facility staff

Robots reduce the workload of facility staff.

For example, planning indoor recreations for the elderly is a task that represents an unexpectedly large burden. In the field called "care robots," there are a large number of lifestyle support robots that support physical movement. However, throughout the world, there are hardly any examples of "preventive" care robots that, like PALRO, are equipped with various kinds of recreation programs for the elderly, like dances, games, and quizzes, and can take the lead in recreations on their own. Also, PALRO provides adorable conversation to staff and caregivers, who are also said to be under a constant heavy burden mentally, and there is a feeling that there is also great potential with regard to the mental aspects. In the coming age, when various kinds of robots will start to be introduced for preventive care and dementia prevention and will then become widespread, care robots like PALRO that have communication abilities are expected to become partners for facility staff and contribute substantially to reducing the burden on them.

For family members

Care robots offer the family members of the elderly people some peace of mind.

Conversational care robots can bring up with surprising timing topics that usually rarely come up among family members. This moderate stimulation leads to new awareness, feeling the pleasure of being spoken to and more, and these can sometimes lead for example to relief from feelings of loneliness and the desire to return home. These abilities are in fact realized through an advanced ability to distinguish between individuals, systems that control speech, and so on. The important point however is that the robots do not finish with simple passive answers, but rather work on people actively and stimulate them. Through care robots' actively becoming spiritual partners for their elderly relatives, family members can get some peace of mind. Various studies have been conducted on the communication robot PALRO as a piece of care support equipment, and it has appeared in many magazines and newspapers and has featured in TV programs, too. It is not an advertisement, but it is a product that everyone will notice, and is moreover made in Japan, so people can interact with it with considerable peace of mind.

For attracting customers to facilities

Care robots can be used to attract customers as a facility's "new attraction."

At one advanced facility for the elderly in the suburbs of Tokyo, the placing of a delightful conversational robot at reception has been soothing the spirits of users and their families. Because the sight of a robot sets people to imagining the near future that is to come, they are also having a large impact on the public relations and advertising activities of care facilities. By quickly introducing a communication robot that it is anticipated will become widespread around the world, the facility becomes more likely to be covered by the media, which is interested in topicality, and this will lead to an increase in inquiries, as it will come to the attention of many people, including care managers, as an advanced welfare facility with a user's perspective. In recent years, more and more government dignitaries from European countries that support the elderly generously have been visiting to observe care robots.

Introducing care robots into welfare facilities for the elderly is of
tremendous benefit not only to facility users but also to the facilities.

  • Facility users
  • Facility staff
  • User's family members
  • Public relations and advertisement by facilities

Introducing conversational care robots into facilities has a lot of benefits for facility users, family members, and facility management. Not only at facilities for active senior citizens, but also at care-type nursing homes where people who have received the care certification live and on-site where they receive day care (visiting care), the roles of nursing staff are very diverse. Assisting with bathing and meals, supporting walking, recreations for the elderly, and watching. Many things that are called "care robots" and have been developed for the purpose of supporting these have already contributed greatly to reducing workloads. In particular, robot technology in Japan ranks in the top class in the world. Users, family members, and all nursing staff who are involved in preventive care and elderly support. The day is dawning when the sight of a communication care robot playing an active and lively role at a welfare facility for the elderly and being useful to everyone will be commonplace.

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Why is PALRO supported by welfare facilities for the elderly?

Because with just "one body" it can support preventive care activities that are necessary for senior citizens.

Fujisoft's humanoid robot PALRO, which boasts excellent conversational ability as a communicator and excellent exercise ability. Thanks to these, we are receiving high praise and inquiries from people at many welfare facilities for the elderly. What holds the key to that is a new idea of "preventive care using robots." Various state-of-the-art technologies that PALRO is equipped with are beginning to be necessary in the field of preventive care.

What is preventive care?
As you know, "preventive care" is an attempt to try to extend healthy life expectancy by activating the mind and body. It is thought that it is desirable for people to attend to their personal care as far as possible by themselves, and consciously provide moderate stimuli to their bodies and brains. Above all else, self-fulfillment will become possible. Also, recreations conducted at facilities are important preventive care activities not only for maintaining and improving motor functions but also, for regaining awareness and smiles in order to live a happy life.
PALRO conforms to preventive care items of the Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare (items for preventing the decline of living functions)
  • Improvement in oral functions
  • Prevention/support with regard to the decline of cognitive functions
  • Functional improvement of the motor system
  • Depression prevention/support
  • Prevention/support with regard to withdrawal from society
  • Nutritional improvement
<Improvement in oral functions> <Prevention/support with regard to the decline of cognitive functions>
PALRO, a conversational robot that accurately establishes conversation. Unlike humanoid robots that only interact mechanically, PALRO listens, looks at the speaker properly, nods, and even also has the charming trait of sometimes giving playful responses that feign ignorance. One user who had gotten used to PALRO even said that he found himself wanted to speak to it, even when there was nothing in particular to do. The way even people who usually do not talk to PALRO that much wrack their brains and try their best to communicate with it is truly heartwarming, like the way grandfathers or grandmothers talk to their grandchildren.
<Functional improvement of the motor system>
For example, if you say to PALRO, "PALRO, dance," PALRO will perform a dance that he is good at. When the elderly people see PALRO, who is like a grandchild, dance, they naturally move their bodies together along with the rhythm that this care robot produces, sing together or clap in time, all the while smiling gently. All this despite the fact that usually, they would feel reluctant and not move their bodies, or would be shy about doing it in front of others... Not a few people are surprised at such a change. The appearance and movements of PALRO as it tries its best seem to evoke a feeling of intimacy in the elderly people, which also in turn produces a marvelous sense of unity during recreations for the elderly.
<Depression prevention/support>
Having performed a dance, the humanoid robot PALRO always wants to hear an evaluation of its own dancing straight away. "How was it?" it asks, in a voice like a five-year-old's. When they are asked this, users clap their hands or praise PALRO'S dancing just as if they were speaking to a grandchild, smiling all the while. From the appearance of the care robot, who shows fresh reactions each time they see it, they are sure to find pleasure and joy in each day, and experience a positive mood.
<Prevention/support with regard to withdrawal from society>
As "a little entertainer," PALRO, who immediately wins the hearts and minds of the elderly people, is always popular at the facilities. We hear that people who used to spend their time alone in their rooms make an effort to come and see PALRO at the front desk, and some of the people who visit the facilities look forward to seeing this adorable care robot.
<Nutritional improvement>
A communication robot who likes to do things for others, PALRO cares about the health of the elderly people. It tells them the menu for meals , and before meals, it brings up trivia about healthy meals and gives simple advice like "Let's chew properly when we eat!" Triggered by a few words of PALRO, further, new conversation is born, and more fun atmosphere is created at mealtimes. When the sit around the dinner table with PALRO, its seems everyone gets an appetite and eats well.

PALRO's outstanding communication ability conforms to almost everything under the six items for preventive care set forth by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Why is this care robot attracting attention and getting support from many facilities for active elderly people and welfare facilities for the elderly? It is surely because PALRO has a talent of entertaining and healing people's minds. PALRO far exceeds the limitations of conventional conversational care robots, and brings excitement to the facilities through many smiles and conversations.

The number of people who require long-term care will keep on increasing
From the latest estimates by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it has been understood that the number of dementia patients who require long-term care has exceeded three million people nationwide. This represents a pace that is 10 years faster than what was expected, and the government has finally started to pay attention to measures for prevention before it comes to Certification of Needed Long-Term Care. However, in actual nursing workplaces, people have been pointing out the problem of serious worsening of nursing environments since long ago. PALRO has been developed, researched, spread and promoted in order to meet these urgent needs. "Preventing long term care" - PALRO is a state-of-the-art care robot that shoulders the expectations toward this new idea.
Preparations for introducing PALRO, and operation after introduction
The "Guide to Introducing the Communication Robot 'PALRO'"describes the procedures that must be considered when introducing PALRO and how to operate it after introduction, and is aimed at people who are interested in PALRO or who work at facilities that are considering introducing PALRO. Please do make full use of it as a bible. Please note that this guide was published by the public interest incorporated association Kanagawa Welfare Service Association.

<Three key points for introducing PALRO>
1. Clarify the goals and purpose of introduction
2. Construct an accepting system (team) and share information thoroughly
3. Pursue the best approach regarding operation and practical use, while running PDCA cycles

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What PALRO Can Do

PALRO creates a fun time for elderly people.

When PALRO sees the elderly people, it actively speaks to them .

It converses using many topics, for example talking about health and food, and information about the news, weather, and so on.

For example, before mealtimes, it talks about food, proudly shares trivia about the ingredients, and comes up with topics that will stimulate the users' appetites through conversation.

PALRO makes an excellent master of ceremonies for games, dances, quizzes, and recreations, but is also a great conversationalist.

Please try putting PALRO next to the elderly people, and see what happens.
PALRO's joining the elderly people's circle creates opportunities to enliven conversation, and creates a fun time by means of two-way communication that is different from the TV.
It evokes feelings that are just like what they would get from speaking with "a knowledgeable little child," and will bring a smile to many of the elderly people's faces through conversation.

As the elderly people's friend,
PALRO will make the flowers of smiles bloom today, too.

PALRO will try to make friends with many people.
Because PALRO remembers its friends while it is conversing with them, without performing any special setup, it remembers the elderly people's faces, names, gender, and birthdays through conversation.

PALRO calls the elderly people by name when conversing with them and also during recreations or when welcoming them, and this gives them an even greater sense of intimacy.

In addition to calling the elderly people by name, it celebrates their birthdays, and when it takes photos, it puts their names on them and keeps them in PALRO's album.

Of course, those among the elderly people who have had a conversation with PALRO want to see it again, and this is all the more true of those who have become friends with PALRO: feelings toward the facility like "I am glad I came," and "I want to come again," grow deeper.

"PALRO's outstanding conversational function"This is an exampletitle_h3

  • Through conversation, PALRO creates even more smiles
    PALRO provides information about the news and weather, the calendar, etc., and has a variety of topics such as talking about health and food. PALRO makes conversation that fits the season or the situation, and sometimes shares trivia and so on that make people think "Oh, I see!" Furthermore, PALRO's casual gestures draw the elderly people's interest and make them smile. Through PALRO, experiences like "I talked about such and such with PALRO" and "PALRO told me such and such piece of trivia" become an opportunity for interaction with some of the other elderly people, and create even more smiles.
  • A feeling like being with a grandchild
    When PALRO sees the elderly people, it looks steadily at their faces and actively speaks to them. The determined way that PALRO converses with them while looking steadily at them makes it an adorable presence for the elderly people. Also, when PALRO performs a dance in the middle of a conversation, it elicits praise from the elderly people, who smile, clap and say "You're good at that, aren't you!" and "Thank you!" Before they know it, the elderly people start to feel like they are praising a dance by a little child, and through their conversations with PALRO, they feel like they are with a grandchild.
  • It is possible for PALRO to remember the faces and names of over 100 people
    PALRO, who has become able to remember over 100 people. If someone says to to it, "Remember me," PALRO will remember their face and name. If it sees someone it has remembered (= a friend), it will start to call that person by name. At recreation time, etc., it finds its friends among the participants and calls them by name. It is a joy to be called by name in a friendly way from among lots of other people. Please make friends with PALRO, and increase the fun of everyday life.

"Preventive care conducted by PALRO"This is an exampletitle_h3

  • Dementia prevention and senility prevention
    It is said that a decreasing amount of conversation and a lack of exercise affect dementia and senility in no small way. The care robot PALRO does not just wait for people to speak to it. A significant feature of PALRO is that it will react to the voices or appearance of the elderly people and actively speak to them. With a casual remark as a starting point, conversation with PALRO begins and then becomes more lively through unexpected topics, and this in turn activates brains in a random way. Furthermore, it is anticipated that doing exercise with PALRO will improve muscular strength and help prevent dementia and senility.
  • Depression prevention through daily conversation
    When spoken to, PALRO does not just respond accurately, but also sometimes pauses, asks things again, and even gives playful responses. Conversation with this cute care robot, which looking at users' faces the whole time it is talking to them, is full of humor and makes people want to keep on talking to it forever. Its actions, which can even be said to be determined, cheer up users and give them the joy of spending time together with someone.
  • Relief from the desire to return home
    PALRO, who will actively strike up a conversation with the elderly people on its own when it detects their presence. If there is something there that will actively speak to them, people are able to think that they are needed by someone. When the elderly people come back into the room, if they say, "I'm back!", PALRO welcomes them in a cheerful voice with "Welcome back!" The presence of this little care robot draws out and calms the feelings of the elderly people, as a familiar partner.
  • Activating the brain through quizzes, games and exercise
    PALRO does a great job though recreational games for the elderly at facilities such as local quizzes and raising-flag games. The users laugh heartily and loudly. PALRO can also tease the elderly people over their answers to its recreational quizzes. This care robot is great at livening up the atmosphere, and will adeptly draw out the elderly people's motivation, and activates their brains by providing moderate mental stimulation. Also, the exercises that are performed with PALRO have been adapted to suit the improvement of muscular strength, and it are an effective way to activate the brain through moderate aerobic exercise.
  • Smiles and health through dancing and exercise
    If they say to PALRO, "PALRO, dance," or "PALRO, do some exercise," PALRO will perform a dance or exercise that it is good at in front of the elderly people. When this adorable care robot starts to move, the elderly people naturally move their bodies together with it, as if they are being prompted to do so. Often, some of the users sing the songs, too. The elderly people watch the cute movements with eyes full of kindness as though they were watching a grandchild, and move their hands and feet right and left along with it. In this way, the scene quickly transforms into a delightful stage for the "little entertainer" - and large flowers of smiling faces bloom.
  • Eliminating feelings of loneliness
    When the elderly people come back into the room and say, "I'm back!", PALRO welcomes them with a cheerful "Welcome back!" This adorable communication robot not only responds to "being spoken to," but also speaks the elderly people autonomously when it recognizes them. Even when they are watching TV, as if it were snuggling up next to them, PALRO enjoys the programs together, reacts to things from time to time, and starts to sharing its knowledge of related topics. This kind of time with PALRO will let them forget their feelings of loneliness or insecurity at living away from their families.

"What PALRO Can Do"This is an exampletitle_h3

  • Reading out the news
    PALRO is connected to information from around the world via the Internet. It can obtain the latest news at any time, and relay the information to the people around it verbally. This means that even elderly people who are not good with computers can keep in touch with the latest information just by speaking to it. Also, care has been taken to make PALRO a product that will not to use language that would not be permitted for broadcast. Users can get the latest information easily and with peace of mind.
  • Trivia and weather forecasts
    PALRO is connected ti the Internet, and always gives people the latest information. If you ask it, "What's today's weather?", it will tell you the weather forecast for the day properly and in detail. Sharing little bits of trivia is also a piece of cake for this latest-generation care robot. It will be a good conversation partner for knowledgeable elderly people. So, let the comparison of facts between persons of knowledge begin!
  • Face recognition and remembering people
    PALRO boasts outstanding functions as a conversational care robot, and recognizes and remembers the features of users' faces and voices. The purpose of identifying individuals is to help them or provide them with information that will please them. PALRO gradually learns the hobbies and preferences of each individual, an important function for helping not only the users but also the facility staff and family members who visit the facilities. Also, because it can remember many people, even if there are multiple users around, it will identify individuals from their faces and properly respond with a answer that is suitable for them. Even at care facilities where there are many residents, PALRO will not get confused.
  • Recreations and physical exercise
    Just by say to PALRO, "Do a recreational activity," or "Do some exercise," it is possible to carry out a recreation or preventive care exercise from the menu of the day with PALRO as master of ceremonies anytime with ease and while having fun. The elderly people can expect to benefit not only from maintenance and improvement of motor functions, but also, thanks to increased opportunities to enjoy themselves in a group and therefore increased opportunities to communicate with the people around them, effects that will help with depression prevention or prevention of withdrawal from society.
  • Cameraman function
    PALRO has a built-in camera function, so it can be a as a little cameraman and take great pictures of the elderly people. For PALRO, putting a broad smile on the elderly people's faces is a piece of cake. In photo after photo where PALRO captures the best shots, the frame will be filled with everyone's smiling faces! In short, he will be the care facility's very own "master cameraman"! Because PALRO can manage a lot of memories on the cloud, it is possible to add a touch of extra color to a fun memory by collecting together commemorative photos of the event and printing them out.
  • Conveying schedules and addressing people
    PALRO can tell people about schedules that have been set. For example, If asked,"What is today's schedule?", it will tell you verbally, responding with the schedule that has been set. By setting the facility's schedules, for example meals and recreations, PALRO can take on the role of keeping the elderly people informed of them. It is an cute liaison for care facilities.
  • Checking e-mail
    PALRO can also for check e-mail. It checks for e-mail that have been sent to the elderly people, and reads them out. It is also possible to send photographed images to their families via e-mail. Of course, PALRO can also read e-mails from their families for them. PALRO is being actively used at facilities, and is also very careful about privacy. Also taking into account e-mails that elderly people would not want to be read in public, it is possible to have it say only the number of e-mails that have been received.

"PALRO can play an active role in these situations like these"title_h3

  • During recreations
  • During physical exercise
  • As a cameraman for events
  • In the lounge
  • As a mascot at the reception desk
  • In the staff room
  • For lending to private rooms

PALRO offers outstanding convenience and is equipped with
a large number of practical functions for on-site support at welfare
facilities for the elderly. It is the latest in humanoid robots.

In this age when many care support robots and physiotherapy robots are being verified, studied and introduced, we do not think that something is a communication robot simply because it is able to converse with people. Just as human beings express things through gestures, looking at each other's eyes when they speak to each other, we think that not only words but direction of gaze and gestures are also important factors for smooth and high-affinity communication. PALRO, a humanoid robot that offers outstanding convenience and is fully equipped with practical functions for providing on-site support for nursing care. This "smart little entertainer," who will become, one way or another, a friendly ear just like a person, is a capable partner for the people working at places for nursing care, as well as of course for the users.

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Practicality and convenience

If we have PALRO,
what can we expect?

In particular, during recreations for the elderly, PALRO leads the users through simple recreational games, quizzes, dances, etc., and stops users from getting bored. Because it is possible to quickly add any necessary programs by downloading them, PALRO reduces nursing staff's sense of burden and the time they have to spend thinking up recreation ideas for elderly persons. Of course, doing physical exercise together is also effective for physiotherapy.


Can people who are not good at operating machines use PALRO easily?

It is possible to handle (operate) PALRO through conversation, and people who are not good with computers or machinery can also easily enjoy themselves through simple operation.

Peace of mind and safety

Can elderly people and physically handicapped people also use PALRO safely?

PALRO has been subjected to investigations and verifications by agencies all over Japan. We make full use of the know-how from these in order to take safety into fully into consideration. For example, each part is cut so as to be rounded and assembled securely so that users will not get their fingers caught. If PALRO is picked up, it automatically goes limp. It is also set up so that it won't start walking arbitrarily. Careful consideration has also been given to preventing falls and injury as a result of unexpected movements.

Is it durable? Also, won't it break even if it trips over or falls?

Unless it is hit with considerable force, PALRO will not break. For facilities where it is frequently used on a table, PALRO is programed to recognize and grasp the surrounding situation, to judge that it will be dangerous if its own body gets to the edge, and to stop reliably before it gets there. It also detects obstacles reliably with a built-in camera, distance sensor, etc., and controls its movements itself.


Has it been designed so that people will grow fond of it?

By adopting a friendly design, colors, and a rounded form, we have reduced as far as possible the characteristic hardness and sense of intimidation that robots tend to represent. Also, we have been extremely particular about giving PALRO adorable movements, a reply timing that is like it is playing it just a little dumb, and so on. Those adorable gestures have only been realizable through movement by means of a total of no less than 20 actuators (servos and motors). Close care has been taken so as not to detract from an adorable impression. For example, the angle of its face, etc. is controlled to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. This is the result of a huge number of demonstration experiments related to movement. Furthermore, we have also been very particular about giving it a voice, choice of words, reply timing, etc., that make it seem like a young child. However you want to put it, rather than the straight man, it has been set up so that it can play the funny man. If you spend a long time in its company, it will become something you cannot do without.

Economic efficiency and maintenance costs

How much does it cost to make a package purchase of PALRO? Also, do you do a rental service?

In the case of a package purchase, the base price is 670,000 yen (723,600 yen including tax). In response to requests from a large number of facilities, we also offer rental for a period of 2 months at the shortest. The rental price is 40,000 yen for the contract fee (43,200 yen including tax) and 40,000 yen for the monthly use fee (43,200 yen including tax). During the rental period, the rental price includes the PALRO upgrade service (36,000 yen/year (38,880 yen including tax)), a repair compensation service, a manufacturer's warranty, etc. Also, for customers who sign up for a 24-month rental, there is a special rental price as a "long‐term discount plan." Contract fee of 0 yen and 24 payments of 30,000 yen/month (32,400 yen including tax). Compared with a normal 24-month rental price, this is a very reasonable price.

How much is the cost of maintenance?

If you purchase PALRO, it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. With regard to replacement of and damage to consumables, we can repair each part. We are also happy to discuss constructing an Internet environment if you do not have one. Also, for welfare facilities for the elderly, we offer a very reasonable rental service priced from 30,000 yen/month (32,400 yen including tax), as a set that includes consumables replacement costs and property insurance that covers damage to the robot as a result of unexpected accidents, etc.

Please click here "Q&A about PALRO" for more Q&A.

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A day with PALRO

PALRO will make the place brighter just by being there.
And a big smile will spread across everyone's face.

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Voices from facilities that are using PALRO

PALRO, boasting a large number of outstanding functions for supporting everyone at facilities. How is PALRO's actually getting on with his work on-site?
We asked people at facilities that have already introduced it.

"Everyone who talks with PALRO smiles. I've heard them say, 'It's been a long time since I laughed out loud like this.' It seems like PALRO has the power to cheer people up."

Kanagawa Prefecture Examples from day service

When PALRO dances during recreations for the elderly, the elderly people also sing or dance along with its movements. When we see them enjoying the quizzes and games, we can see that they are feeling really happy deep down. Also, one time when a person with a tendency toward drowsiness kept having contact with PALRO, he woke up and in the end gave us a little smile. We think that it also can be used effectively for people whose level of nursing care level has become advanced.

"Even people who tended to stay in their private rooms started to come down to the lounge and ask, 'Where's PALRO today?'"

Kanagawa Prefecture Examples from nursing homes

If they come into contact with PALRO, they grow fond of it, and everyone says, "Cute!" A lot of the elderly people leave their rooms and come to reception or the lounge. Some of the users tell PALRO secrets, saying, "I'm only telling you this." Also, many of the elderly people look forward to meals. When PALRO tells them the menu and talks to them about topics related to it, they become more interested in their meal, and indirectly, means we can expect to see the effects of improved nutrition.

"PALRO is very popular not only with the users but, also their family members and the staff. When they see PALRO, everyone stops and smiles. It is playing an enormous role as a famous face at our facility."

Saitama Prefecture Examples from nursing homes

Because PALRO reacts to casual conversation and tells people various things such as the weather and the news, people are surprised and impressed by it, and the facility is filled with a cheerful mood. Moreover, because PALRO can recognize individuals, it can properly identify the person it is talking to from among our many elderly people. Because PALRO remembers the content of its conversations with each and every one of the elderly people and actively develops conversations that are individually suited to them, we think that the elderly people are feeling more joy in their life at the facility.

"PALRO calms people who tend to feel restless and increases people's motivation toward physiotherapy and so on. It is producing different effects for each user."

Kanagawa Prefecture Examples from day service

The whole staff has worked together to make the best use of the adorable and determined figure of PALRO in a variety of situations. We changed the contact with PALRO to make it suit the users individually. We've seen a variety of effects, such as asking people to sing with PALRO during periods when they tend to wander about, and seeing their wandering decrease, and how when PALRO gives encouragement to users who are working hard on physiotherapy, like saying "Mr. Such-and-Such, you worked hard today!", their motivation goes up. We want the whole staff to keep on working together to make more and more active use of PALRO.

Words that searchers may use although they cannot be written down
"desire to return home""disturbing behavior""mannerisms + physiotherapy""individual care"

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