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This statement applies to the website (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”) that is managed and operated by FUJISOFT INCORPORATED (hereinafter referred to as “Fujisoft”). If you use information that is published on this Website, it will be regarded as your having agreed to the matters and conditions given below.
The terms of use for this Website may be changed as necessary. In such cases, the latest version will be published on the website and the content of the changes concerned will take effect at the point in time when it is published on the website. Therefore, please check the latest content.
Fujisoft takes the utmost care when publishing information on this Website, but does not make any guarantees whatsoever with regard to the accuracy of that information, its usefulness to customers, etc.
Furthermore, Fujisoft will not assume any liability whatsoever with regard to any damage that has arisen as a result of customers’ using this Website.
In principle, Fujisoft makes changes to and deletes information published on this Website without prior notice to customers. Furthermore, this Website may be suspended or closed for unavoidable reasons.
Fujisoft will not assume any liability whatsoever with regard to any damage customers have suffered as a result of changes to or deletion of information on this Website, or suspension or closure of this Website.
Please understand that on this site, honorific titles are omitted.


The copyright for the information published on this Website belongs to Fujisoft, and is subject to protection under the various laws, including the Copyright Act. Except for in cases where it is allowed under the various laws, including the Copyright Act, such as private use and citation, it is prohibited to carry out reprinting, reproduction, printing, distribution, etc. without the permission of our company.

Registered trademarks

Company names, service names, product names, etc. of our company or other companies that are indicated/published on this Website are trade names, trademarks or registered trademarks of our company or other companies. However, in cases where there is separate trademark indication (credit) on each page, please comply with this.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a mechanism whereby a very small data file is written to the user’s hard disk from the website in order to identify the user. This system is used in part of this Website, but this will not infringe users’ privacy. If you wish to disable cookies, the function can be disabled in the browser settings.

Access log

This Website uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze the browsing history of customers who have visited the site.
This includes domain names, the type of browser used, access date and time, etc., but does not include any information that can be used to identify individuals. Access logs are used for statistical analysis related to the use status, maintenance and management of the site, and will not be used for any other purposes.
The data collected from the use of Google Analytics is managed on the basis of Google’s Privacy Policy.
For details, please see http://www.google.com/privacy.html

Encryption such as SSL

On this Website, the utmost care is taken with regard to the security of personal information. A data encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is for inquiries and other content entered by customers, and they will not be browsed or altered by a third party on the Internet. Therefore, we recommend that you use a browser that supports SSL. Please understand that in cases where a browser that does not support SSL is used, there may be cases where the site cannot be accessed or information cannot be entered.


We recommend that you access this Website using Internet Explorer 7.0 or a later version. Please understand that in cases where you access using another browser, there may be problems such as the layout’s not being displayed correctly on some pages. Furthermore, as this Website uses JavaScript, some functions may not be available when JavaScript is turned OFF.


On this Website, there also are pages and content where Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader are used for your browsing. Please download and install them from below as required.
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Links to this Website

If you want to link to this Website from your website, please apply to do so in accordance with the handling below.
This statement applies to all websites that are operated and managed by Fujisoft.
Regardless of whether you are a corporation, a group, or an individual, you can create a link to this Website if you agree to the matters below and notify Fujisoft in advance using the “Inquiry Form.” However, in cases where Fujisoft has judged that there are circumstances such as a risk of damage to the reliability of the published information, it may refuse an application for a link.
Fujisoft will not assume any liability whatsoever with regard to any damage resulting from the creation of a link to this Website.
We do not promise that we will maintain the information and linked-to URLs on this Website permanently, but rather, will in principle change them without notice.
Please do not attach a link in such a manner that it will be unclear that it a Fujisoft website, such as attaching it in a frame.
Fujisoft’s logo mark is a “company emblem” at the same time as a “trademark.” Therefore, it cannot be used on any websites other than those of Fujisoft without Fujisoft’s written permission.
Links that will infringe Fujisoft’s rights or interfere with its operations are strictly prohibited.
Links from websites and insertion in e-mails that contain content that are contrary to public order and morals, adult content, content that defames Fujisoft or its affiliates, or other illegal content are strictly prohibited.
The company name shall be indicated as any of “Fujisoft Incorporated,” “Fujisoft Inc.,” or “Fujisoft.”
A link to this Website does not mean that any kinds of contractual relationships or rights/warranties have arisen with regard to the link source.
A link to this Website does not mean that there is any kind of provision of rights from Fujisoft to the link source with regard to all of the information on this Website.
In reply to the “Inquiry Form” that you have sent, Fujisoft will contact you regarding permission for/refusal of the link.
Please reapply for a link in cases where there has been any material change to the matters you initially entered, after Fujisoft gave notification of permission for the link. Even in cases where a link has been permitted, the permission for the link may be withdrawn if Fujisoft judges that the permission for the link is not appropriate as a result of circumstances that have been discovered or circumstances that have changed after permission was given for the link.
In cases where the link source has been discovered to be in breach of any of the matters stated above, and Fujisoft has withdrawn the permission for the link or requested deletion of the link, it must be complied with without fail.

Precautions regarding links from this Website

Websites of other companies or other groups that linked to from this Website are operated and managed on the responsibility of the respective parties, and their websites are not in any way related to the operation or management of Fujisoft.
Websites that are linked to from this Website are not websites that we, as Fujisoft, are necessarily recommending the use of. Furthermore, these links do not necessarily mean that there is a special relationship, such as partnership or cooperation, between Fujisoft and the corporation or individual who operates and manages the linked-to website.
Fujisoft will not assume any liability whatsoever with regard to any damage resulting from customers’ use of linked-to websites. Please use linked-to websites on your own responsibility, while complying with the conditions given by those websites.

Handling of personal information regarding link applications

Personal information that Fujisoft obtains through “Inquiry Forms” will be handled as stipulated below. Please note that matters not stipulated below will be handled in accordance with Fujisoft’s “Privacy Policy.”
When you apply for a link via the “Inquiry Form,” you will be required to provide personal information. Whether you provide us with personal information or not will be something you must decide on your own judgment. Please understand that in cases where required personal information is not provided, Fujisoft may refuse the application for a link.
Fujisoft uses the provided personal information to the extent it is required for future communication regarding the link.
Fujisoft will not provide to any third party the personal information that you have provided.
The division in charge of management and point of contact for personal information provided via the “Inquiry Form” is as follows:

Point of contact
1-1 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-8008, Japan
Sales Promotion Office, Sales Management Department, Sales Division
Tel: 045-650-9338

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