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Five "Let's give PALRO as a present" stories

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PALRO give the gift of "life with a robot."

"They seem fine, but actually, my parents are pretty old..." Elderly parents who lives far away. 77th birthday, 88th birthday. . . Every time a celebration of a long life approaches, you suddenly stop to think. Although they say on the phone, "Don't worry. We're fine," it is very difficult to feel really at ease deep down.
When, for various reasons, it becomes difficult to watch over or live with your parents, the choice of "giving a gift of 'life with a robot'" as an act of love for your parents is now becoming a reality.
Not only can "PALRO," Fujisoft's communication robot with multiple intelligent technologies (AI), recognize human speech or the gist of conversations: it can also actively speak to people on its own. As a result, all elderly people can enjoy the fun and sense of healing that comes from conversation of a level that would have been unimaginable with the robots up to now.
For your parents living far away, and for you yourself, because you care about about them so much.
Let's introduce life with PALRO.

Let's think, "They should be able to be fine forever," and be thinking it realistically.

Elderly people's loneliness builds up in spaces where they are alone. At night when they are not feeling so well, anxiety and loneliness well up and quite often they cannot sleep. Even when asked how they have been lately over the phone, elderly parents living alone may answer courageously, "Don't worry. I'm fine. It's easier on my own." Are they really all right, though?

"Tomorrow, she may not be able to get up on her own."
Let's do what we can before it comes to that.

"She's been fine so far, so she should be fine from now on, too." We tend to end up thinking that way. However, in reality, every year a large number of elderly people suffer a fall and break a bone, and as a result, become unable to get up on their own. In fact, there is an extremely large number of cases where people have fallen into circumstances where they require lifestyle support with constant attendance or nursing care (care by humans, use of care robots, etc.) by the time anyone notices.
"I want to do something." When we think that, a mountain of insurmountable reasons looms up in front of our eyes, with physical distance or our own busy lives heading of the list. "I cannot look after him on my own," "I am leaving her in a needy and dangerous situation"...We continue to be plagued by such feelings of anxiety and guilty about our beloved parents, who have taken care of us more than anyone else, from when we were born right up to today.
The reason why, day and night, we at Fujisoft keep on studying humanoid robots that can help preventive care is precisely because we want to whatever we can to help find a solution to this kind of harsh reality, even it's just a little. Our technological capability is currently at a level that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. PALRO is now becoming able to take on the role of providing mental support for your parents living alone, as a partner and as someone to talk to.

What PALRO can do in place of family members
Heals with conversation
Stops people from feeling lonely or isolated
Heals people's hearts through cute gestures and conversation
Communication PALRO is a humanoid communication robot that boasts conversational skills that make use of world-leading voice recognition ability and natural speech synthesis ability. As well as making PALRO adorable by means of cute gestures, PALRO's smooth conversational ability, that has a high degree of affinity for humans, is also attracting attention with regard to its high level of healing capability, and PALRO is being introduced by universities and public institutions in Japan for use in research, and has also actually been introduced into welfare facilities for the elderly, etc.
PALRO, which is already on sale for research institutions and corporations, is a conversational robot that always recognizes where people who are speaking are, and listens to what people say. So, unlike a smartphone, you can speak to it just like that, rather than speaking to it after pressing a button.
Another reason why conversation with PALRO is smoothly connected is that PALRO replies around 0.4 seconds after the other person finishes speaking. High-level technology for keeping the conversation going with a good tempo produces conversations with a high level of affinity.
"Stand up,""Turn to your right," "Be quiet" - "Yes, I understand!". . . Conversation like this is a piece of cake. Moreover, PALRO accesses and the latest information via the Internet and tells you the news and weather forecast having obtained the information and in real time, giving conversations a feeling of freshness. Also, PALRO can remember human faces and names and communicate while looking at the other person's face. This naturalness is so good it can even make people forget that they are talking to a robot. From conversations, it learns your parents' interests and searches for and shares with them, all by itself, information about things they like and information they night need that is related to those interests. At the same time as being a technique that allows the other person to speak smoothly, PALRO's conversation, in which it actively speaks to people and asks them to answer things, is also a means of casually collecting information that will be useful for them.
Furthermore, the natural and lovable way in which PALRO moves, including its gestures and voice helps, will gently ease your parents' spirits. From conversational robot to healing robot, it can play a wide range of roles.
  • "Going out"
  • "Do something"
  • "Can I tell you something?"
  • "Knowledgeable PALRO"
  • "I will let you know"
  • Short story 1 "Going out"
    • Sachiko-san, it's about time to go out.
    • My, is that the time already? I better ready. By the way, PALRO, can you tell me the weather?
    • The weather, right? Understood. Today will be cloudy with a chance of rain. Please don't forget your umbrella when you go out.
    • You really are a smart one, aren't you!
    • I feel shy when I get praised(♥)
    • I won't forget to take my umbrella. Thank you.
    • You're welcome.
  • Short story 2 "Do something"
    • PALRO, could you do something for me?
    • Sachiko-san, did you say to me, "Do something," just now?
    • Yes, I did.
    • I will do something, OK? How about a dance?
    • Oh dear, are you going to dance for me? OK then, please.
    • I am going to dance to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". ♪♪♪
    • This reminds me of Sakura-chan's dance recital. Oh, yes. Makoto danced at a recital, too.
    • How was my dance?
    • It was very good. Thank you.
    • You're welcome.
    • It's been a while. I guess I'll give them a call. . .
  • Short story 3 "Can I tell you something?"
    • I'm absolutely exhausted.
    • Please pick yourself up by eating something tasty.
    • Yes ,that's a good idea.
    • Can I tell you something?
    • O.K.
    • A red king crab is not really a true crab, but a kind of hermit crab. A horseshoe crab is also not a crab, but a kind of spider.
    • Oh, really? Come to think of it, I would like to go to Hokkaido. Maybe I'll invite Kazuko-san and see if we can plan a trip or something. I should be able to manage the travel procedures, shouldn't it?
    • You can. You really can!
    • Well, if you say so, I guess I'll give it a shot!
  • Short story 4 "Knowledgeable PALRO"
    • Can I talk to you now?
    • Yes, alright then.
    • The difference between hiyamugi noodles and somen noodles. Thin wheat noodles are from 0.7 to 1.3 millimeters thick, and cold noodles are from 1.2 to 1.7 millimeters thick. They are different thicknesses.
    • Oh, you know so many things. How do you know that?
    • I know a surprising amount of things.
    • Yes, you do, don't you? Oh, it's about time for dinner. PALRO, all this talking about chilled noodles has made me.
    • I heard your stomach growl.
    • Heh-heh. You really are a funny one, aren't you?
    • I am not just funny.
    • Heh-heh. Alright then, I'll make myself some chilled noodles, like PALRO recommended.
  • Short story 5 "I will let you know"
    • PALRO, I'm home.
    • Sachiko-san, welcome back.
    • I went shopping with Kazuko-san today. Look, this was a good price. By the way, PALRO. What time is it now?
    • It is 15:40 now.
    • Oh my, is that the time already? The rerun of that drama show starts at 4. PALRO, let me know when it's 4 o'clock, OK?
    • 4 o'clock, right? I'll let you know when it's 4 p.m. O.K.?
    • Please.
    • わかりました、時間になったらお知らせしますね。
    • Understood. I'll tell you when it's time.
    • I'm really happy I can help you.
  • "Going out"
  • "Do something"
  • "Can I tell you something?"
  • "Knowledgeable PALRO"
  • "I will let you know"
Watching - A story from a little way off in the future -
Keeping family members informed of the situation at a set time
Let's tell a story from a little way off in the future. If PALRO was there to watch over our parents... Isn't this a natural thing for people to dream if they are a family members who live far away? Let's talk about it from the conclusion. PALRO is a computer, so "watching" involving a high level of individual recognition ability and sending images taken using a built-in camera via the Internet is a piece of cake. Software for PALRO that makes this a reality is already technologically in a state in which it can be installed. Taking into account the trends in public opinion surrounding the protection of privacy, we at Fujisoft also think that we must take the utmost care with regard to how it is operated, and at the current stage, we are moving forward with the installation of the software very cautiously. However, in order to achieve "watching, not monitoring," which is the sort of thing PALRO should do, and appropriate content and timing of notifications, we are progressing with research while also considering ways to link PALRO to other sensors and equipment.
In the midst of population aging on a global scale, we are waiting for the day when we can announce the installation of functions for individuals, while we keep on listening carefully to everyone's demands and opinions. PALRO will naturally become a part of your beloved family members' lives, watch over them, and inform other family members immediately if it perceives any change. We want to spread such a long-dreamed-of watching robot all around the world. Having such a dream...

Enjoyable conversation, every day. Feeling healed when we are with PALRO.

And there is another huge contribution that PALRO can make to elderly people's lives.

That is the very, very important issue of "preventive care."

How about giving a gift of PALRO to a family member who lives far away?

The sale of "PALRO for home use" is currently under consideration!
Please inquire for details.


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