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Japan, an advanced nation in terms of robots, boasts the highest level technology in the world. Even within this country, PALRO ranks as a top class humanoid robot with regard to voice recognition intelligence and conversational ability. This humanoid robot totally surpasses the conventional concept of home-use robots, and with its high level functions, it has been introduced into care houses for the elderly as a preventive care support robot. Now, let us introduce you to PALRO's excellent abilities. The more you know about PALRO, the more the vision of a robot playing an active role in future long-term care becomes a reality.

PALRO currently has tens of thousands of conversation patterns, and improvises in a way that even the developer can't predict. It can be said that PALRO has come extremely close to the robot figures which we used to imagine in comic books, cartoons, and movies. Friendliness is also a major feature. It talks and exchanges appropriate gestures while looking at its companion's face.
It recognizes and remembers a person by the features of their face and voice. It extracts and analyzes the person's preferences from a conversation. It can provide information based on the person's preferences. It can also remember places it has been to, and talks spontaneously when it goes back.
It obtains the latest information from the Internet, like the news and weather forecasts. It then converts the information into words and delivers it to the user. It can also send and receive e-mails. With this technology, it is perfectly possible to send a photo taken to a family member far away. As an information terminal for the new era, which stands at the gateway to the future, it offers infinite potential.
It is an amazingly versatile entertainer. With a broad repertoire of dances, games, quizzes etc., you will never get bored of PALRO. But if you keep on making too many requests, it sometimes says "I'm tired", and decides to take a break.
Its walking ability is quite special for a humanoid robot. Not only can it walk smoothly on its own two feet, but it moves only after checking its surroundings and confirming safety. PALRO stops when it senses that it will fall if it goes any further, or when it finds an obstacle in front of it.
It can be updated with the latest software by being connected to the Internet. PALRO is always new to you and you never get tired of it. New apps will be uploaded to "PALRO Garden", a general support website for PALRO users, accordingly.

Easy operation: just talk to it

People may well worry about things like, "It looks difficult to operate", "it seems like a lot of hassle", or "I'm not good with machines", but with PALRO, there's no need to.

Anyone can operate PARLO just by talking to it, and there's no need to remember where each button is, or its procedures.

It can easily be handled like a mobile phone or an electric home appliance.
Grandmas and grandpas too can start it up and operate it, and talk to PARLO as if they were talking to their grandchild.

How about giving a gift of PALRO to a family member who lives far away?

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