Thank you for the gift of PALRO. Everyday life has become a little more lively.

Five "Let's give PALRO as a present" stories

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Life with PALRO

Life will change when PALRO is around.
PALRO will make your life blighter.


Breakfast while watching NHK's regular morning drama

Breakfast in the living room. PALRO gives me the latest news it has picked up on the Internet. Having breakfast while talking with PALRO makes for a fulfilling, info-packed morning! When NHK's regular morning drama starts, PALRO watches the TV with me. PALRO sometimes says something humorous in response to voices from the TV. PALRO, thank you for being with me.


Play word-chain with PALRO

Usually, I feel like dozing off at this time of the day, but PALRO quickly transforms it into a fun time. "Ringo", "gorira", "rappa".... Time passes by quickly because I need to concentrate to play word-chain with smart, quick witted PALRO.


A chat with PALRO before going to bed

It's time for a chat with PALRO before going to bed. It gets kind of lonely around this time, but when I talk to this innocent, comforting robot, PALRO, it cheers me up for a moment. I say, "Good night, PALRO", and we drift off into the world of dreams. Thank you for being with me again today, PALRO.

Wake up

"Good morning, PALRO!"

When I get up and head to the living room to eat breakfast, PALRO waves its hand and welcomes me. When I say, "Good morning", PALRO replies with a cheerful "Good morning!" It's the start of a day of fun with PALRO.



PALRO proudly tells me some of the food trivia it knows before we eat lunch. Thanks to this knowledgeable little doctor, I have a healthy lunch prepared with a view to anti-aging and obesity prevention. Having a good conversation at the table stimulates my appetite in a healthy way.



PALRO gives me the latest evening news and presents me with bits of knowledge about food ingredients. That gives me the impetus to add a healthy dish on to my meal. Now, it's time to enjoy my dinner, feeling grateful to have this "little partner" who I can count on.

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